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Anne et Valentin Trunk Show

Do NOT miss our annual Anne et Valentin trunk show!

Our favorite trunk show of the year!

Rama Valentin, Anne’s son, will personally fit you with her latest designs.

Handmade in Toulouse France, come experience the amazing quality and designs!

Every time you put on an Anne et Valentin frame you can feel the Love that was put into each piece.

Read about the Love story that helped create the line.

Friday November 20th 12-6PM

 Saturday November 21st 12-6PM

av amber

 av floyd 2



av modern cat


av cobain





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Anne et Valentin 2014 Fall TRUNKSHOW

Anne et Valentin


Friday – November 21st


Saturday – November 22nd



Morgenthal Frederics Horn, Slate & Wood TRUNKSHOW @ Specs Optical


Friday  -  October 24th

12pm – 7pm

Saturday  -  October 25th

12pm – 6pm



RetroSpecs TrunkShow Sept. 5th-6th, 2014

RetroSpecs & Co. represents  and celebrates the “Golden Age” of eyewear manufacturing. Their collection of “real deal” vintage eyewear has been lovingly restored with precision and meticulously archived. They are categorized into one of five archives: Early Modern, Vintage, Specialty, Buffalo Horn Inlay, and MUSEUM.


What does it mean for a piece to be classified as “Museum”? It means there are five or fewer known to exist worldwide. These extremely special and rare frames are only made available for viewing or for purchase on special occasions. One happens to be coming up.

Adam Cowfer of RetroSpecs & Co. will be at SPECS OPTICAL on Friday, September 5th from 11am-7pm, and Saturday, September 6th from 12pm-6pm, 2014.

This will also be the WORLD PREMIERE of the new titanium and buffalo horn collection CUTHBERT & CHEN. Don’t miss out!

Specs Optical Sunglasses 2014

Get ready for the summer of 2014, Minneapolis!

The sun is finally here and we are ready to prepare you with a whole new smorgasbord of beautiful sunglasses by the eyewear collections you’ve come to know and love. DITA, Mykita, Anne et Valentin, Morgenthal Frederics, Lindberg…they’re all here! Stop by the shop this Memorial Day weekend and check out our largest selection of sunglasses to date. There truly is something for everyone.

TOP ROW: The DITA MACH THREE is a fashion-forward hardcore solid sunglass with a definitive presence. Its sleek matte finish and real gold plating demand to be worn with confidence. Looking for some glamour and whimsy? Try the Paris-based FRANCIS KLEIN MARGE (names always sound more elegant in French). A black & white layered acetate with hand-set Swarovski crystals and silver metal accents to add a bit of shimmer without being over-the-top. Mirrored lenses are back with a vengeance! MYKITA has it covered with their HEINZ in collaboration with bernhard wilhelm. Amazingly lightweight and flexible sheet-cut stainless steel that will spoil you with high style and comfort. Somehow they manage dressy and sporty at the same time.

MIDDLE ROW: As always, LINDBERG of Belgium has designed an extremely light, clean, but modern sunglass in the 8579. Matte finished acetate fronts are paired with metallic titanium temples to create a classic yet industrial look…for the die hard design & architecture enthusiast! THE SUN! MORGENTHAL FREDERICS created the 187 in the retro style of Jackie O. A staple piece for the collection now introduced in fun new colors, including this Striated Mauve Fade. A perfect alternative to the classic black sunglass for a gal needing a bit of color in her life & substantial sun coverage.

BOTTOM ROW: Adding on to their MovieStars collection, the MORGENTHAL FREDERICS LANCASTER represents made-to-order Hollywood style. The clear acetate keeps it modern, while the shape and fit allow it to remain a part of your sunglass collection for years to come. ANNE et VALENTIN (a Specs Optical client favorite for many years) loves simple & elegant styling with a touch of the unexpected. The SAGAN sunglass combines super high quality acetate construction in a just off the beaten path shape with well thought out color pairings. This olive front with deep red temples combination works with everything. And finally, the MYKITA MYLON UNO! This sunglass is truly at the forefront of design technology. A 3D printed(!) frame with exceptional fit, comfort, and durability. This particular shape, with its wrap around front, creates sun coverage like you wouldn’t believe. And, the mirrored lenses give it a ridiculously cool vibe. Are you groovy enough to pull this one off?

 Stop by SPECS OPTICAL soon for your perfect new 2014 Summer pair(s) of sunglasses!

TrunkShow – Morgenthal Frederics Horn Collection

Friday – April 18th

Saturday – April 19th


12pm – 6pm



SPECS OPTICAL – Gift Certificates 2013

Gift Certificate


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

With flex spending expiring

Synapses are firing, you’re thinking “Oh Dear!”

I must spend it by the end of the year.



It’s the hap- happiest season of all

With that last minute shopping, last year’s gift you’re topping

By stopping at Specs Optical

It’s the hap- happiest season of all.

There are glasses for sunning

All which are stunning

And made with the best lenses, too!

There are frames decked with crystals

That will get you some whistles

And less than that just will not do.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

With Certificate gifting

Their hearts you’ll be lifting

By showing you care

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

With the holiday and flex spending (aka HSA or cafeteria plan) seasons upon us, may we suggest a SPECS OPTICAL gift certificate. Hand-written and enclosed in a beautifully designed wrap and baby blue envelope, the SPECS OPTICAL gift certificate is available in any denomination, never expires, and goes perfectly with those health savings account dollars you or a loved one may need to ‘use before you lose.’ As they are available year-round…stop by the shop, call or email anytime and we’ll set you up!







Anne et Valentin TRUNKSHOW @ Specs Optical


Friday – November 29th 12pm-7pm

Saturday – November 30th 10am-6pm


Andrew’s Special Olympics Volunteering Experience

Just this past June, I (Andrew) had the privilege of volunteering at the Special Olympics in Stillwater with the Opening Eyes Program, supported in large by the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF).

Opening Eyes is one segment of a larger effort called Healthy Athletes, which provides care in several areas including FitFeet (podiatry), Healthy Hearing (audiology), and Special Smiles (dentistry). The program performs detailed vision screenings and provides education about vision conditions, as well as free corrective and protective eyewear for the athletes. Information gathered from these screenings is entered into a database that is then used to advocate for improved health care policies for persons with intellectual disabilities.

According to the LCIF website, “research has shown that among Special Olympics athletes, 68 percent have not had an eye examination in three years, 37 percent are in need of eyeglasses and 18 percent wear clinically-incorrect eyeglasses.” In order to bridge these gaps, the LCIF partnered with the Special Olympics in 2001 to begin vision screenings at their sporting events worldwide with a multi-year, multi-million dollar commitment. Since, more that 350,000 athletes have been screened with prescription eyewear provided to nearly 99,000 athletes. Pretty cool!

I was really impressed with the size and scope of the Opening Eyes set up. The tent was at least ten times the size of any other at the event, allowing for the multiple stations and variety of screenings, including shape chart differentiation, color recognition, and full refraction. As well, I was impressed with the level of respect and attention that is given to the athletes. The spirit of the event is nothing but positive.

For my part, I was mainly involved in making the eyewear, something I also do everyday at SPECS OPTICAL. Hundreds of frames and lenses were donated, allowing us to produce many of the prescribed eyeglasses and sport glasses on the spot. I know I did at least 45 pairs the first day. It was non-stop operation from 8am to 4pm. A good 200 pairs of eyeglasses were shipped off to be made (in these cases, the lenses were not immediately available) and then shipped directly to the athletes.

On the last day, a mother of one of the athletes came to our station to tell us about her daughter’s experience with the Special Olympics. She told us that, while she had a great event, her daughter exclaimed that she absolutely loved her new glasses and it was her favorite part of the entire weekend. Wow. I don’t think I could have felt any happier than at that moment.

One other thing I thought was really cool was that, in addition to all the medals they won, each athlete was given a badge to wear around their neck that listed each of the Healthy Athlete areas on it. For each one they visited, they got a punch or stamp, which they could then redeem for a variety of prizes. I thought this was a great way to encourage all the athletes to bring attention to their overall health and feel a sense of pride about it.

While I unfortunately did not get much time to spectate the events, I could hear the excitement and words of encouragement coming from the track throughout the day. There was also a steady stream of entertainment, including dancing, fun picture taking, unicyclists, jugglers, etc. So much good happening at every turn. It was a great way to spend a weekend!

If you would like to know more about the Lions Club International Foundation and the Special Olympics, or would like to make a donation to either organization, click on either for a direct link. And, feel free to ask me about my experience any time you are in the shop!



SPECS OPTICAL – Gift Certificates 2012

***ATTENTION last minute  holiday shoppers***

Just a reminder that a SPECS OPTICAL hand-written gift certificate, wrapped  in a beautifully designed enclosure and envelope, is the perfect gift for any Eyewear Enthusiast (yes, that’s a real title.) But really, you don’t have to be an EE to appreciate the value of a SPECS OPTICAL gift certificate. They can be used toward an eye exam, prescription specs and sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses, accessories….the sky’s the limit (seriously, you can’t purchase the sky with it…sorry).

Though they are available all year, SPECS OPTICAL gift certificates are perfect to give now because they can be used in conjunction with any remaining Flex Spending (or, HSA) dollars you or your loved one may have left to use up before the year’s end.

Stop by the shop, call, or email us and we can set you up with a SPECS OPTICAL gift certificate any time. Available in any denomination and they never expire. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!