Your first pair of office lenses are on us with your frame purchase.

Also enjoy a COMPLIMENTARY Blue Clear coating upgrade with any lens purchase for the ultimate blue light protection.

The amount of your screen time effects your vision and eye health. Let us find the best lens solution for your lifestyle. Call us to book a virtual or in-person appointment, 612-374-2114

What Is It?

It is essentially a progressive lens without the distance.  The top of the lens is intermediate and then progresses to reading at the bottom.  It gives you a MUCH larger area to look through when doing hours of computer work, cooking, etc..  Less eyestrain due to the larger field that you have compared to a regular progressive.  Call us and we will tell you how it will help you!

Who Is It For?

For progressive wearers that are struggling to see through their regular glasses to do intermediate work.  Anyone using a computer, Doctors or medical staff doing charting,  when cooking, Musicians looking at music, Artists for painting, ZOOM CALLS!  It is much more relaxing when doing sometimes hours of intermediate work.

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