Summer’s a comin’…

Bahhh…it’s already here as far as we’re concerned. We’ve had a taste of 80 degrees already, now give it to us Mother Nature! Bring it on crazy lady, we are ready and armed with a whole bevy (when is this word ever used otherwise?) of stunning new sunglasses.

Check ’em out, yo:

Anne et Valentin SIERRA

The 70's inspired Dita Solitaire

ic! berlin ashiya

Come on by anytime to try these babies on. (They’re not actually babies, they’re sunglasses, silly.) These are just a few of the many super fun, stylish, and most importantly, UV-protective, pieces of new sunwear.

As certified opticians, all of us at Specs Optical are constantly in discussion with our two on-site Optometrists about how to best serve our clients. And now, more than ever, Dr. Madhok and Dr. Buchli are stressing the importance of wearing proper-fitting sunglasses (prescription or not) as a preventative for a bevy (here it is again!) of potential eye health issues.

So give us a call, or stop in, schedule an eye exam appointment, and let one of us fit you up with a striking new pair of sunglasses so you can enjoy this summer right.

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