I went to the ‘Ivey Awards’, Minnesota’s version of the Tony Awards, this September.  On and off of the red carpet, I saw many faces I recognized from SPECS OPTICAL. I stayed off the red carpet (my luck is I would slip, trip and fall.) Many of our eyeglasses were seen as well. I saw Kirk Originals, Rapp Limited, Francis Klein and Lindberg, all on people dressed to the nines for the awards show. The room was filled with tons of local celebrities, and celebrity watchers. I hope to see the pics in the local magazines!

Lyle and I went, prompted by his friends James Rocco and Jeff Scott, and we had free tickets (LOL). I’m glad I dressed up, because Lyle Jackson and his business partner Ellen Roeder of  TULLE and DYE received the first award of the evening. The costumes they designed for the Ordway’s  Beauty and the Beast were ‘beautiful’, ‘dazzling’, ‘amazing’. My personal favorite from the show was the cheese grater they designed and built. We were both surprised, shocked, and very happy.

Thanks for the surprise Jamie and Jeff!


p.s. I hope to add pics!

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