It is inevitable that every year….oh, about a day or two before Halloween, we start getting panicked clients calling or stopping in, trying to find just the right pair of specs to complete their Halloween costume. So, here are a couple of early suggestions for pieces that might just do the trick:

Above left: The Dita Flight-S. A fun flashy aviator sunglass to complete your Top Gun pilot get-up (always an easy standby costume choice.) Above right: The Rapp Rosalind. A dramatic sculpted cat eye to perfect your naughty secretary or 60’s diner waitress outfit. It is currently available in 8 colors!

Below: RetroSpecs R#3305 by American Optical. This is a real deal vintage original, not reproduction. Ideal for all those Mad Men enthusiasts. Or, pair them with a lab coat (perhaps blood-stained) for a mad scientist look.

….and there are countless other possibilities. Let us know if there is a specific look you are working on. Otherwise, come see us soon, if not just for a Halloween treat. You may even catch one or more of us in costume. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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