Even though it’s been asked many times, many ways…how does Santa make it all around the world to all the children (and grown-up children) in the span of one special night? Well, there is only one logical, science-based answer to that…..MAGIC! (oooooh) Quite frankly, though, it really is not our problem, it’s his. So, let’s focus back on our loved ones here in a non-fantasy land called the real world.

During the holiday season, some of us give gifts of pure decadence, some of practicality, some from the heart, and others walk into the local Super America, grab a random item off a shelf and toss it in a somewhat festively-decorated box (thanx again for those gas station gloves former coworker). But many still choose the route of the gift card or, now considered to be from the old-timey days, the gift certificate. What? Paper, not plastic?

Sure thing. Here at Specs Optical, we still offer up hand written gift certificates in any denomination in a beautifully designed card and envelop.  They are actually available year-round, but tis the season, right? A gift certificate is practical, a little decadent, and most importantly…not from a gas station, I mean….from the heart! Show a friend or family member that you care about the health of their eyes as well as their fashion sense with a gift certificate from Specs Optical. And, FYI, they never expire, so there’s no pressure to use it or lose it, like your flex spending dollars…HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!

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