October 13th is World Sight Day!

We’re celebrating by helping Seva Foundation get the word out about their Healthy Eyes, Healthy Lives Campaign, that aims to accelerate the ability of Seva’s partner communities to provide for their own eye care. Through donations that the Seva Foundation receives, they grow the capacity of their Sight and Native American Community Health Programs that provide eye healthcare training opportunities, medical supplies and equipment. They also will continue their work in Tibet, Nepal, Cambobia and other countries to provide remote eye clinics.

Last year, Specs Optical sponsored a full day of mobile eye camp services; and we are happy to say that many other donors did too! We received a letter from Seva Foundation stating that they were able to perform “25% more sight restoring surgeries in Tibet” and that “78% more school children in Nepal received free eye exams and follow up care.”

We hope that you will consider celebrating World Sight Day by donating to Seva Foundation’s eyesight healthcare work with Native American communities here at home and others throughout the world.

To learn more or make a donation, visit the SEVA FOUNDATION website.

Give the Gift of Sight


SPECS OPTICAL is happy to spread the word about a remarkable non-profit that provides eye care services to remote areas of Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, Guatemala and other parts of the world. SEVA FOUNDATION accepts donations of all levels to:

  • Sponsor a cataract operation and restore sight to a blind person in Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh or Guatemala.
  • Help a woman living in a poor rural area get the eye care services she needs. From outreach and education to transportation arrangements, donations ensure that she avoids low vision and blindness.
  • Train local doctors and rural health care workers to deliver desperately needed eye care services to the people of Tibet, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Guatemala, Egypt and throughout Eastern Africa.
  • Provide a child with specialized pediatric surgery. Now able to attend school, eventually work, and care for their own family, a child’s life is changed forever.
  • Support the screening and provision of eyeglasses to twenty people in remote regions. Glasses help children to read and stay in school and elders to maintain their independence.
  • Provide training, tools and specialized equipment. A trained eye care team will be able to prevent blindness and restore sight to thousands of people in underserved communities.
  • Restore sight to at least 30 blind people in remote regions of Nepal, Tibet, Cambodia and Guatemala.
  • Support a 10-day eye camp and provide over 1,000 eye examinations and 300 sight-restoring surgeries in remote communities where there is no other access to eye care.

Seva Foundation’s One-Day Eye Camp

SEVA FOUNDATION | Eye Care Services

SPECS OPTICAl is sponsoring via SEVA FOUNDATION a full day of mobile eye camp services in a remote region of Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia or Guatemala, restoring sight to as many as 30 blind people. Mobile eye camps are an innovative way to deliver quality eye care to remote areas where there are no hospitals.

To learn more about how you or your organization can GIVE THE GIFT OF SIGHT, visit SEVA’s website.

About Seva Foundation


Seva Foundation is most widely known for its innovative eye care programs in Asia and Africa, which have helped nearly three million blind people to see again through affordable cataract surgeries. In Guatemala and Mexico, Seva works with indigenous communities to provide the tools and training needed to sustain clean water systems, health care, and educational opportunities. Here in the U.S., Seva partners with Native American communities that are committed to building healthy communities, sustaining cultural values, and protecting the environment.

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