Since he was 15 years old, Bruno Chaussignand has been a part of the optical industry. He created his first collection in 2004, which included a nosebridge-less design, a technically innovative eyeglass that garnered much attention. He followed up in 2008 with the Stand’Art collection, which was “a tribute to the great classics of haute couture.”

Bruno’s newest collection, known as Time Out, reflects ten years of work and thousands of drawings. These designs are not meant to reflect the past nor jump ahead into the future, but to simply be contemporary ‘specs for pleasure’ that are comfortable and stylish.

Bruno Chaussignand eyewear is created in France and handcrafted from entirely natural (cotton flower, horn and titanium), un-lacquered materials as to avoid potential allergy risks. Come take a look at this beautiful, clean and elegant collection…now available at SPECS OPTICAL!

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