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High Defintion Digital Lenses

At SPECS OPTICAL, we’ve used digital lens manufacturing technologies for years to assure the most precise cut of lenses every time. We’ve continued to update our lens options with the most advanced offerings as they have become available on the market. Now, with the introduction of Morgenthal Frederics High Defintion (MFHD) lenses, we have the most exclusive and most personalized lens design available to our clients. In fact, we are one of only fifty shops nationwide, and the only one in Minnesota, that can offer this advanced personalized lens technology.
MFHD lens technology creates the most superior visual experience through complete lens customization…a personalized lens design specific to you and only you. Sounds pretty awesome, right? It is. But, what exactly does that mean?

Complete Lens Customization

Your eyeglass prescription is unique to you. Obvious statement. But let’s take it one step further. Your prescription is unique to you within your specific frames.
MFHD lens design incorporates several key features of your chosen frame and the way it fits you to optimize the function of your prescription. In addition to standard measurements like pupillary distance (PD), or distance from eye to eye, and optical centers (multifocal seg height), this exclusive software design can incorporate the exact lens size, the degree of wrap around the face, plus the angle and distance from which your lenses sit in relation to your eyes, to custom create your prescription within your specific frame resulting in superior optical quality.

Superior Visual Experience

So what does that mean for YOU? It means you will be getting optimal clarity and the most crisp vision possible in each and every individual pair of specs! This is called prescription optimization, or personalization.
Unlike traditional progressive and moderate to high correction single vision lenses that are optically correct at one central point, MFHD lenses optimize the power design on every point of the lens, compensating for aberrations, resulting in greater clarity and function as you move your eyes around the lens. In comparison to traditional lenses, wearers of MFHD lenses experience:
– 20% increase in visual clarity
– 25-50% greater fields of vision
– Virtual elimination of peripheral distortions
– Significant reduction or elimination of the ‘swim and sway’ effect of progressives
What’s not to love about that? But there’s more…

Added Bonus

In addition to providing our clients with the most advanced lens technology, MFHD lenses are available in the widest range of options of any lenses on the market. Morgenthal Frederics HD lenses offer:
– Progressive AND Single Vision high definition lenses
– All lens materials, including the thinnest and lightest
– Polarized sun lenses in shades of Brown, Gray, and GreenGray (G15)
– Transitions
– Sizes to accommodate the smallest and largest of frames
– Best Anti-Reflective treatments (you’ve come to expect this from us)
– Tints and mirrors
– HD Wrap lenses for high curve sport glasses and sunglasses
Again, what does this mean for YOU? Because of the variety of options, we can keep you in the same style of lenses (particularly beneficial to progressive lens wearers) every time, which means a consistent visual experience in all of your different pairs of specs!
Ask your ABO (American Board of Opticianry) certified Specs Optical optician for
Morgenthal Frederics High Definition lenses the next time you are in the shop.
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