Everybody is theo


In 1987 a spark caught fire in the brains of Patrick Hoet (designer and anagram-namesake of theo) and his industrious team. The results of which have created a diehard following amongst the individuals, opticians and clients alike, who have been lucky enough to encounter these amazing frames.


For more than 25 years theo has captivated the public with their innovative designs, fantastical coloration, and architectural detailing. theo is NOT for the wallflower, nor is it simply a producer of frames; those who know theo know what it truly means to wear a theo frame – it is an extension of one’s inner self, of embracing living life to its fullest, of confidently presenting the whimsy and artistic exhibition that is present in each and every theo frame.


From the mouths of theo, they are    “ increasingly determined to design glasses that always incorporate a touch of humour, individuality and a certain ‘edge’. And we’ve stayed true to this vision. After all, our goal has never changed: together with the theo optician, to make glasses-wearers happy and to offer them an unforgettable experience … we’re tremendously proud to be able to collaborate worldwide with a select group of individual opticians who have embraced theo and who, in turn, bring our love for design, originality and quality to their customers.


But our story doesn’t end here. In the meantime, theo has grown into a platform where designers of all kinds (glasses, fashion, furniture, etc.) can work in synergy with a small army of enthusiastic employees at our warehouse in Antwerp. The drive to keep on inspiring and surprising is simply in our DNA. That, and our love for our fans.”



theo loves you.

Specs Optical loves you.

Join us for our trunk show featuring theo –

   Friday, April 8th & Saturday, April 9th, from 12-6 pm.



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