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Our luxury collection utilizes natural, sustainable materials — creating frames out of wood, genuine horn, and slate allow for unique comfort and styling.

Asian water buffalos are a revered animal in their homelands, as such; the horn is not utilized until after the natural demise of these protected animals. The innate beauty that comes from this lightweight material is apparent in the varying striation pattern showcased on each and every frame, not to mention the inherent tones of the horn itself. Natural dyes allow for even more variety and vibrancy on each of the multitude of layers that are a part of each and every frame. Additionally, horn frames are incredibly comfortable to wear and a phenomenal choice for people with skin allergies.

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The authentic shades and grain inherent in wood allow these frames to take on an unparalleled natural look, while natural dyes may be used to color the wood in more vivid hues or pastel tones. Lightweight, sturdy, and sustainable – these frames are a wearable love letter to the world around us.

Thin sheets of slate, in combination with layers of wood, allow for deceptively light and unique pieces that are truly one of a kind.

Each frame is handcrafted in Germany by craftspeople that are truly passionate about every aspect of the process.


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