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Want to hear a story? It begins like most do – with a man and a woman . . . For you see, ours is a story of love . . .
Anne is a romantic – a mind of artistic whimsy, eyes that see a world of color, and a heart that beats for Valentin. Now Valentin? He’s a serious minded optician, but his love for Anne is true. Together? They’ve created a fantastical line of beautifully crafted frames that embodies the spectrum between them; Anne et Valentin.
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Housed in Toulouse, France, Anne et Valentin has captured the imagination and devotion of followers world wide. Their attention to detail shines in each and every hand crafted product, and those that wear these lovely pieces count them amongst their most prized possessions.

For over 30 years the union of Anne and Valentin has been a passionate and professionally fruitful one. Each year the line continues to find a way to renew that initial commitment to wonderment and craftsmanship, and we – the audience – are gifted an incredible opportunity to share a piece of their love.

We here at Specs Optical count them as family; there isn’t a time in our memories where they weren’t with us. A part of us. Every day we count ourselves as lucky to be the exclusive Minnesota retailers of these inspired and beautiful frames.  Come in today and fall in love . . .



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