ChromoClear™ is the first-ever luxury eyewear collection to transcend how we see and address how we feel. The line marries the distinctive design of a Morgenthal Frederics frame, handcrafted in a sustainable, biodegradable acetate, with a new breakthrough in lens technology that helps enhance mood and performance.


The collection debuts in a new frame material: an earth-friendly acetate that when left in soil for 90 days straight biodegrades into material comparable to compost. Comprised of cotton, wood fibers and plasticizers, the material creates a sustainable system, free of waste that is harmful to the planet.


May boost energy and confidence under pressure, mentally prepare and pump up for a challenging situation.


May help migraine sufferers reduce head stress, shed tension, find calm after a trying day.


May improve concentration and reaction time, increase productivity and speed of reading.


May stimulate body and mind in the morning or after a long day, help refresh from jetlag, mentally energize after an intense workout.

CHROMOCLEAR as featured by goop

Stop in today to see this exciting new line for yourself!


*ChromoClear eyewear is not a medical device and no statements regarding this product have been approved by the FDA. The impact of wearing tinted lenses can vary from person to person and there is no guarantee of specific results. Customers are responsible for determining which tinted lens to use for any particular purpose.

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